Who We Are


Hi, I'm Meredith, and I have lived in Colorado Springs since 1967. Cherrie and I have been friends since my family moved in next door to hers when we were teenagers. I am happy that I have had the privilege to work with my best friend for the last 30+ years!

Doing Business Together Since 1979

The Nail Closet is Colorado Springs' best kept secret.  We are a local business, proudly serving customers in the Colorado Springs community for more than three decades.  With our years of experience, and our cozy shop, we look forward to serving you in all of your nail-care needs.



Hi, I'm Cherrie.  I have lived in Colorado Springs since 1960, and I love to call Colorado home!  I love what I do, and enjoy working with my best friend.



Acrylic Nails:

We rough the surface of your nails, attach a tip for length, and cover with acrylic for strength and durability. Choose a polish in the color of your choice or use pink and white acrylic for that French manicured look. A gel polish can also be applied over the acrylic.

We guarantee our nails between rebases. All repairs within 30 days of a rebase appointment are free.

New Set - $35

Rebase - $25



We do manicures on natural and artificial nails. For natural nails, we do a hand soak, hand and arm massage and polish.  For artificial nails, we oil, buff and polish.
For pedicures, we use disposable foot-wash tubs to soak your feet in the most hygienic way possible. We exfoliate and buff your feet and heels, do a foot and calf massage, and a polish of your choice.

Manicure - $16

Pedicure - $30


Gel Polishes

Gel polishes can be used as a durable overcoat on acrylics.  They are resistant to wear and chipping, lasting a long time.  Choose from a wide variety of colors.

Gel Polish - No additional charge with acrylic services.

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